Can't access ShopSafe

Asheville, North Carolina 0 comments

I've been using ShopSafe for some years with my VISA account, which came originally from AG Edwards, now Wells Fargo Advisors.Now suddenly, I can no longer access it.

When I try, all I get is a message reading: THE CONNECTION HAS BEEN LOST, PLEASE TRY AGAIN. When I click on ShopSafe's HELP button, I m told to log in, But I can't log in. That's precisely the problem. When I sent an inquiry to Wells Fargo Advisors Online Brokerage Team, they gave me a phone number to reach ShopSafe, but every time I tried to do that, I got a message saying YOUR CALL DID NOT GO THROUGH.

PLEASE MAKE YOUR CALL AGAIN.How can I get back to logging in to ShopSafe?

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